HealthNet Announces Harm Reduction Vending Machine Installation

HealthNet of Rock County and Janesville Community Center awarded WI Department of Health Services Harm Reduction Vending Machine grants, $50k each

Two area nonprofits announce recent grant awards of $50,000 each to support Wisconsin’s harm reduction efforts. Funding was awarded for the purchase of indoor vending machines as well as the harm reduction supplies, Narcan and Fentanyl test strips, which fill the machines. HealthNet of Rock County’s vending machine is accessible to the public during normal operating hours.

HealthNet Co- Interim CEO and Behavioral Health Director, Kristin Austin, says, “Not everyone navigating the challenges of substance use is immediately prepared for a transformative shift, yet it remains imperative that we prioritize the well-being of each individual. By enhancing accessibility to Narcan and other harm-reduction resources, we not only save lives in the immediate sense but also open avenues to connect with individuals who may be approaching a moment of readiness for positive change.”

“JCC’s Mission and Vision is to collaborate to bring the resources closer to those that need them. This vending machine is one more avenue for residents to access local support,” says Janesville Community Center Executive Director Niqi Linneman. “Our vending machine is accessible via our community partners and also includes general health and wellness items. It’s about decreasing stigma and creating awareness for us.

To support residents, HealthNet of Rock County and the Janesville Community Center have joined the Rock County Prevention Network. Both organizations are located in downtown Janesville, in or near the historic Fourth Ward Neighborhood, intentionally serving Janesville’s most vulnerable residents.