HealthNet of Rock County, Inc. to adjust services with COVID-19 outbreak

HealthNet of Rock County, Inc has made changes to its operating guidelines as a result of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak. Currently, HealthNet of Rock County is limiting non-essential visits to its facilities, and suspending enrollment until April 6, 2020. This means current patients who are uninsured and need to re-enroll for 2020 services will not need to do so until further notice. Based on its clinic structures, HealthNet of Rock County has also made program adjustments in the following areas:

Medical Clinic
After consulting with healthcare partners, the medical clinic has decided to suspend physician visits until April 6, 2020. Since HealthNet of Rock County’s physicians are not primarily focused on emergency or urgent care, this move will prevent volunteers and patients from risking community spread as the outbreak is ongoing.
HealthNet of Rock County plans to continue with nurse visits (health monitoring) and medication dispensing. This will prevent bottlenecking on our current medication pick-up days, and will allow immunosupressed individuals to receive medications that improve their chances of remaining stable and healthy during this outbreak.
Medication pick-up days will be on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during various hours. Please contact 608-756-4638 or refer to HealthNet of Rock County’s website for a detailed calendar at

Dental Clinic
Until April 6, 2020, all non-emergency procedures such as hygiene and regular dental check-ups are suspended at the dental clinic. This decision was made based on guidance from the American Dental Association and the Wisconsin Dental Association. However, performing urgent/emergency dental procedures will be necessary to ensure that patients who have dental pain are not going to the emergency room (which needs the majority resources dedicated to COVID-19). HealthNet of Rock County’s dentist, Dr. Meyer, has agreed to see these patients on Fridays. The dental clinic will be booking slots in 1 hour and 15 minute increments. This will ensure that patients are not in our clinic for more than an hour, and reduce the overlap between patients coming in and out of our dental clinic. Patients are encouraged to contact 608-314-1940 for emergency dental services.

HealthNet of Rock County CEO Ian Hedges stated, “The safety of our current patients is paramount. The lack of insurance and living in the margins mean they are less likely to remain healthy and financially stable. Our updated operating guidelines are only in effect until April 6, but will allow patients to keep their chronic conditions in check, and improve chances of not experiencing the worse case scenario with the virus.”